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Eczema Japan

Hello! So the other day, I told Ayaka that I loved eel. So I told my relatives in Kyushu, so they send us unagi eel for us today. So we are going to cook it. Who’s going to cook it Ayaka You! Chris Okay! Okay, I got my scissors. So lets open it up! Dude, that is not frozen eel. Oh it’s moving! Holy sh$t. Its moving! Chris Right there! Ayaka Oh theres a face! Two faces! If I touch it, does it bite That is a lot of unagi though.

I don’t know how to cook unagi eel so. we are going to check online. That is just like a bunch of blood. Literally looks like a butcher shop.of fish. So I guess you have to take out all of these intestines. Oh and then you stick this needle in! Stab, cut slice! This is my stabber! That is so slimy! Come here! Why is it so hard You’re so pssy Maybe Ayaka try Like you said, two hands! There you go! Maybe they are getting tired I think they are getting tired.yeah they are getting tired!.

What should I do! What should I do! Okay, now you are dead buddy. We did get to cut one of them though as you can see here. so we are going to cook that one and the other 4, we are going to ask the eel company to cut it for us. Put some taste on it and see how it is. Eat some eel. That was the toughest workout of my life. We struggled so much. You know the stabbing, cutting, slicing.it looked really easy on the YouTube tutorial.

The Biggest Challenge Cooking Eel

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