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Dry Skin Lactic Acid Cream

How to Get Glowing Skin Miracle 10 Exfoliating AHA Cream Skincare Tutorial

Hi everyone, my name is Ann Marie MacDonald and I’m the president and founder of Miracle 10 Cosmetics and this is my daughter Elizabeth, who is also a member of our team. And we’re here today to talk about AHA Cream. This is one of our best sellers and most widely reviewed products. It’s also one of our most blogged about products. So AHA is a gentle exfoliating product that has 6 lactic acid, it has vitamin E to soothe the skin, and it has hyaluronic acid for hydration. And it’s this combination that makes it so great for so many skin types.

What you do is you apply it in the evening after you’ve cleansed your face, you’ve applied your toner or solution, and then you just apply a small amount with your ring finger in a gentle upward motion. And the ring finger is not as strong as the others so you don’t get that tugging on the skin, which can encourage sagging. And this is one of the best tips that my mom has ever taught me, and believe me, she has imparted a lot of advice over her lifetime and mine. As I’m approaching my 30’s now that I’m really starting to heed.

That advice. And why wouldn’t I Because she’s looks so amazing. As you apply the product, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation and this is completely normal, it means it’s working. And so what that tells you is that it’s a really active product and it helps diminish hyperpigmentation. It slows and reverses the signs of aging, and it promotes an overall glowing appearance. It is effective for people with very delicate and dry skin. After I apply my AHA Cream, I apply my nighttime moisturizer. For me, that’s Night, but if you’re acne prone.

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