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Dry Skin Conditions On The Face

Why is my face so dry during pregnancy I think you’d prefer that over the problems many women have with pregnancy acne. I had a period of that. If you used moisturizer to treat the dry skin, you could end up with pregnancy acne. If you are using too many harsh soaps to prevent the acne, you could get dry skin. What’s the compromise Use standard soaps that do not have moisturizer in them and see if that is enough to prevent acne. If it is still too dry, use more moisturizers.

I’ve heard this could be due to a health problem, since oily skin is supposed to be the norm. When you’re pregnant, you get more oils produced by the skin and they tend to make the hair look thicker too. If you’re dehydrated though, your skin can become dry. Dehydration is a problem for pregnant women in any case, whether due to throwing up all the time or peeing for two. Just make sure you drink enough for two, because your kidneys will work twice as hard no matter how much you drink.

What else could be causing this Hypothyroidism can cause dry skin. Hypo means too little. And if you have too little thyroid hormone, it could cause developmental problems during the pregnancy. If you have that condition, you’ll need to take hormones or other medications. If I had hypothyroidism, my biggest problem would be getting pregnant, and the second, not having a miscarriage. Some women get dry skin along with a red rash when pregnant called PUPP of pregnancy. And I thought acne was bad. It would go away after you had labor.

Why is My Face So Dry During Pregnancy

But it is not resolved by drinking water or some other skin moisturizer. Some women experience worsened allergic reactions when pregnant, and skin conditions change during pregnancy. I’ve heard some get worse and others better. But if that was my problem, dry skin would seem like a relief. If your skin is dry, it may be due to spending too much time with your skin exposed to cold dry air. I’m pregnant. Overheating is the greater concern. Try bathing just once a day with standard soaps then, and dressing for the weather.

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