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Dry Skin Condition Ichthyosis


I swear to God They don’92t make emojis fa how im feelin’92’85 they’92ll be a day when I can shake this off either im breakin’92 , or just in need of a break, that’92s all It’92s life we gotta face the odds and I can’92t fake, it’92s hard But I cant take it yall, a nigga losin’92 faith in god cuz I keep makin calls, and yet he’92s only takin yalls, feel like he aint involved, he actin like this aint his job ’85iono’85. Maybe God aint even real i got belief in him, but’85. Come on, let’92s.

Keep it real the people here don’92t get it, makin me fuckin go nuts It probably aint as bad as cancer, aids, fuck it, so what That’92s none of my concern, cuz I feel like it was tougher on us And when you young and not the same, the kids don’92t love you so much see my brother’92s started in 84’85I followed behind in 1989 it’92s only a little dry skin, add Vaseline and pay it no mind so mama waitd, gave it time like nothings wrong, my babys fine still aint see no flaws in us, im like the.

Fuck’85this lady blind it’92s clear to see we Born with something how is it possible that we see it, but momma doesn’92t and the shit came up out the blue, we wasn’92t warned or nothin And the docs say its no cure, but think we’92re on to something’85.some rare condition pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640pardeftab720ri720 cf0 They’92re gonna find some answers soon, but iaint care to listen cant even tell which side it’92s from cuz one of my parents missin ’85.I mean he’92s here, but he was there in prison 100degrees, no air condition visits’85how.

I inherit this shit but couldn’92t tell the difference, so that’92s how I Had to play it just wanted to wear some shorts, they picked and laugh instead ’85.My head was fuzzy way before I had my dreads They say a scar don’92t kill, but simba daddy dead Sit and think about it, while you thinkin bout that Fast forward to how I still was that niggi’85wthe things that I lacked That passion I received after that, thats the reason I rap Made sure that all the teachers I had, See.

The Dreams that I had Not great, but to Some people im that, that’92s the reason I act Much bigger than this Disease I have, but its Beatin my ass The devils put both feet in my ass, plus doctors scarin me And all my popularity has got me copping therapy My job done made me Stop its dangerous’85Twitter say stop complainin pardpardeftab720ri720 cf0 Compare my shit to shit you vent, bitch im not complainin I’92m Angry, so prescribed these meds to make it better Say ’93don’92t stress and keep ya Head up,’94 but that never make shit better.

But Instead I pop more to keep from dealin wthese bastards here I don’92t want no fuckin’92 sympathy, I ask fa prayer pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640pardeftab720ri720 cf0 ’85because im losin it, and now i lung disease make promises of fame, but life aint even promising its Got me losin weight I cant afford, now im wondering how niggs be raping, killin kids, and you decide to punish me Long lines for health care’85.the help I vote Obama for I thought he knew that times is hard, well What he make that Promise for pardpardeftab720ri720.

Cf0 Like’85Why’92d I even listen to you. What you said missin the truth Hmph’85Shoulda known cuz that’92s what niggis a do Be Scared to sleep at night no clue what my condition will do Be Tryna hold on, but it make me feel like bishop in juice But My niggi, my dude’85I swear to God I love him, thanks for copin me through Beans been down since birth, cant ask for closer people Shittt, he lost everything he had, his house and both his people but never quit, taught me don’92t ever let them lows defeat you.

So I got courageous pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640pardeftab720ri720 cf0 its not a day that I don’92t think about my Suicide attempt, like God I hate this Took a lot but made it, crazy’85but Glad that i can say that Had a mom that seen us perfect, as long as she got ha baby thats my pride a joy, a mamas boy’85so stop worryin bout it they ask me whats Its called, and shit I can barely pronouncin was givin’92 up, and pickin coffins to carry me out in ’85.It took some time, but now I aint scary, I’92m bout it.

So as they sign prescriptions, cuz time is tickin’92, but Bernie mac had died from this shit, It’92s not a difference he was well insured, died in his sleep’85Why am I trippin If its my time, then It don’92t matter what the doctors give me In the end the Sky’92s the limit’85So fa now, im rockin wit’85 And I pray for all the others that have been in my position pardpardeftab720ri720 cf0 He jus slowed me down to stop and listened, I try my best since I received a text message,.

As it reads she’92s expecting pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640pardeftab720ri720 cf0 It got real cuz I grew up one of those kids without a dad and imma try my best to be a father, not a dad so a lot for me to achieve, cant leave before I’m done and it’92s times that I cant breathe now my seed, control my lungs so yall just pray for me and my bro big con and eff ya knowledge of god, i believe and know it’92s one pardpardeftab720ri720 cf0 ’85.I don’92t who it is if it aint you.

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