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Dermatology Zimmerman

So guess who’s here whats your name there on my channel?.

Do you know your name on my channel? do you know what they call you? I’m pops Pops that’s good! it’s still. everybody’s calling me pops we go to the restaurant’s now.

And when uh. well I don’t think from that we went to Brandon’s by his place and the guy’s like. hey Pop’s what do want? (laughter) well they. they.

See pop? i’m old time DR. LEE: that’s right! cuz you are our Pop’s and you’re doing pretty well these days! I know some of these have started to come back at once underneath I’m gonna connect them a little bit ok so you get out about that pretty good so far.

It’s a good thing that they’re not responding that well that means we did a good job on them shouldn’t be just like the first time there is a deeper like the good old days Josh got to know each other huh and through a lot since I’d we’ve gotten to know you and your blackheads oh yes but you’re doing ok.

Your aches and pains would you like to start with you david bell is long yes before you go to college you going i know i was still I was still trying to get into dermatology and things like that I was way before I was coming here and filing on your turn away that was a good one no we go i think we got all of that time the colors.

Depressed it is right there that’s your nose it’s made your nose thicker all this is Major know so much thicker huh this morning what you did this morning yeah well you’re gonna have like little swollen eyes today and bruise there so just want you to take it easy i want to push you too hard because I don’t want to increase tension.

Increase your blood pressure to this area i’m going to torture you because you just did around your eyes blood to go to your head but that’s even get some good ones here I was really surprised that they’re going really well great look at all these cats like paparazzi on yahoo pressure there sorry ok thank you thank you all for beauty huh.

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