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Dermatology Usmle

Dermatology Skin Exam

The best of my job is, people come in with a wide range of knowledge about their skin. Some people know all about gentle skin care other people are like, I don’t even know what moisturizer to use. So it’s exciting for me to be able to see where patients are at, and then imparting them a certain amount of knowledge and then having them come back and continue to layer knowledge. Hi, good morning, how are you Good morning, how are you Good to see you again. Good to see you as well.

Petty officer is here to treat PFB, or pseudofolliculitis. Because of the thickness and curliness of the hair, when the hair gets cut, it curls back into the skin and causes a keloidal papule, or a scar. So this is extremely tender, painful and itchy and cosmetically disfiguring. So we’ve found that use of the laser hair removal to target the hair follicles to actually decrease the thickness in the caliber of the hair. How did you feel the last treatment went No side effects No, ma’am. OK, so maybe we can be more aggressive then.

So the hair bulb, which is below the skin surface, is the target, and that’s where the origin of the hair is from. And so you’re not destroying the hair itself you’re trying to target the origin of the hair, which is the bulb or the bulge. I currently serve as the sole Navy dermatologist for the Pacific Northwest. Because of the Military, I had the best dermatology education in the country, and I want to ensure that I take great care of my patients. So I teach them how to take care of themselves, and then.

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