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Dermatology Usmle Step 1

USMLE Step 1COMLEX Level 1 Study App Can Be Played Anywhere!

Are you studying to become a physician Tired of the endless barrage of boring practice test questions Or finding it hard to find the time to study Then download Scrub Wars. An exciting educational gaming app on apple and android devices, that helps you destroy your course and board exams. Think about it! With all those books and paying websites, how much are you paying for each question A dime a question A quarter a question Even a dollar a question How about one penny a question That’s right crush your exams for a penny a question. Remember while playing you are studying. You.

Can play anywhere where you have a few minutes, like waiting in line, in a boring meeting, in class or on the toilet. Yesss, even on the toilet! Just think about the time spent in all of these activities each day. By playing for a few minutes you’re actually studying dozens of topics. But wait there’s more! We’re so sure that you’ll find this app the most efficient way to study for your exams, that you can play the first level for free! That’s right 25 question for free! You have no obligation to pay for this free.

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