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Dermatology Mohs

At its basic level, the technique is a way of removing a skin cancer and checking the margin under a microscope to ensure that you’ve removed all that skin cancer from the skin. At its most basic level, Mohs surgery is a technique for removing a skin cancer, usually basal cell or squamous cell cancer. And the technique is actually named after the doctor who developed it. Dr. Fredric Mohs developed it at at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1930s. The technique with the highest cure rate for skin cancer,.

And the reason for that is that you are checking 100 percent in the margin under a microscope. A traditional excision only looks at about 5 of the true margin of a specimen when you cut it out. I think, first of all, patients always want to know what is this technique about And I think a big question is whether or not they’ll be under general anesthesia or need to be put out for the procedure, to which the answer is no. It can all be done locally while they’re awake. Many patients sit there and have.

A coffee and a snack while they’re waiting for the tissue to be processed. The technique is actually a tissue sparing technique, so it actually takes out less tissue than a traditional excision, which leads to better cosmetic outcomes. Patients should expect to spend at least half of the day for the procedure. The reason for that is the tissue processing that occurs. After the tissue is removed, it must go to the lab. It has to be processed, the slides have to be looked at by the physician performing the procedure.

Mohs Surgery Cures Skin Cancer at Waters Edge Dermatology

We always tell patients that looking at a skin cancer on the surface is not the same as doing Mohs surgery and looking under the microscope. Some skin cancers have roots and the final defect after we remove the skin cancer may be bigger than we expect. Needless to say, no matter what the size of the defect is, getting the best functional and cosmetic repair after that is of utmost importance to us. The Mohs technique is a tissue sparing technique, we’re really only removing skin cancer, and we’re leaving as much normal skin behind as possible.

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