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Dermatology Jackson Ms

I get a very deep sense of satisfaction when i’m able to make a diagnosis make a plan of treatment and then see a patient get better I just look forward to the patients and i enjoy you know the children and the fun that I have sometimes we sing songs I just get energized when I’m around kids and I start feeling like a kid myself. They make me happy.

First i went into pediatrics and i became a pediatrician but i realized as a pediatrician that the skin was my favorite part of of taking care of kids and so I went into a dermatology residency and completed that and now i’m a dermatologist; a large part of my practice is children Be very diligent in listening to the patient’s concerns Listen to the parents concerns, to be thorough in examining patients and then.

To be very clear on what my treatment plan is. i want the the family and the child to understand you know the diagnosis and understand all the steps of treatment KelseySeybold department of dermatology now has three wonderful lasers to offer to patients. One is a vascular laser called a V beam and it’s great for anything red on the skin such as hemangiomas, portwine stains the.

Redness of rosacea, unwanted blood vessels anywhere on the body and then we also have two new lasers which are fraxel lasers and they are both wonderful for skin rejuvenation, tightening the skin wrinkle reduction improvement of skin tone as well as acne scars and burn scars So it’s wonderful that we can offer these patients these services now to meet their needs.

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