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Gtgt This is Dr. Hansen. He’s one of our secondyear residents. Dr. Hansen, what attracted you to Penn State’s Hershey Dermatology residency program gtgt Well, mainly the faculty struck me as very invested in resident education, and the practice here simulates real dermatologic training where we have our own clinics all three for years with adequate supervision but a good amount of autonomy in which we can make decisions that we will be making as future dermatologists. gtgt What advice can you give future applicants gtgt Well, mainly that the culture of a program is really what determines its success at training.

Future applicants as well as fostering an environment of learning, so getting a sense for not only what the details of the training involve but also the environment that you’re working in, including the characteristics of the faculty members and staff in the clinic you’ll be working in is key in understanding how well the program’s going to benefit you. gtgt When they say Hershey is the sweetest place on earth, what do you like about Hershey, PA gtgt It’s convenient as far as traveling from one place to another and easy to get around.

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