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Dermatology And Hair Restoration

Dr. Jeff Donovan New Hair Loss Treatments on the Horizon

Hello. I’m hair specialist Dr. Jeff Donovan from Toronto and I’m speaking to you today from the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic where I’ve had the opportunity to attend the twentyfirst annual meeting of the EADV. and this afternoon I attended a unique meeting of hair specialists 7 hair specialists from around the world shared some very unique findings today and two dermatologist in particular shared some new research findings which could open the doors for new treatments in the future for patients with hair loss. Dr Hoffman.

From Germany actually opened the session and presented some data which really could be a new treatment in the future. Dr Hoffman is the chief medical officer for a company known as Replicel Life Sciences. Now, this is the biotech company and it’s looking at whether cellbased treatments hair cloning you’ve heard a lot about hair cloning whether this could present new treatment for patients who have androgenetic alopecia. Many patients with androgenetic alopecia are using minoxidill some men are using finasteride. This works in some patients but not in all.

Now what Dr Hoffman’s group is looking at is whether hair cloning can actually provide an option for these patients. And, he presented some data on a technique whereby here is taken from the back of the scalp and cells called dermal cup cells are isolated and expanded in a laboratory over two or three months into millions of cells and then these are injected back into the scalp. Does this help at all Well, the first part of Dr Hoffman’s study was to show that in fact this is safe.

This is called a phase IIIa clinical trial and what Dr Hoffman showed today is that it is safe very few patients have any side effects with this treatment. Now this is a small study nineteen patients. It didn’t grow a lot of hair. grew a bit of hair and Dr Hoffman’s group is now expanding this into 108 patients bills into hunter nate patients to see if it in fact can work. I think this is a unique treatment and may offer some hope to patients with hair loss that don’t respond to minoxidil or don’t.

Grow hair with drugs like finasteride. And I’ll look forward to Dr Hoffmans’ second part of the studies. I want to tell you about another study which actually could provide new options for patients with hair loss. It’s a drug called Stemoxydine. Now Stemoxydine is patented by the company L’Oreal. it’s been known for many years if you keep sells an environment that is low in oxygen we call a hypoxic environment if you keep cells in a hypoxic environment some cells die but some cells live in some cells die but some cells live.

And in fact hair follicle stem cells certain types actually awaken and thrive. And this L Oreal drug called Stemoxydine actually tricks hair follicles into thinking that it’s iiving in a hypoxic environment. Dr Reygagne from France today showed some interesting data whereby a topical solution that you rub on your scalp a five percent solution can actually improve hair density a bit. Now it didn’t improve hair density alot but it did improve it a bit and the Loreal drug company is looking at whether Stemoxydine can be combined with.

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