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Dermatologist Starting Salary

How to Get Medical Jobs How to Become a Dermatologist

A Dermatologist is a Medical who specializesin the skin and external integument of the body. To become a Dermatologist begins muchlike any other Physician’s course of study would. You must complete a Bachelors Degreeat a four year University. Most PreMed students will choose to major in a Science programbecause that will ensure that they have all the prerequisites that they need for MedicalSchool. But it is not required that you major in a Science, you can also major in a LiberalArts program, for instance, as long as you make sure you do all of the Science prerequisites.That would be a year of General Chemistry, a year of Organic Chemistry, a year of PhysicalSciences and two years of Biological Sciences.

During your Undergraduate career, you wantto really focus on maintaining a strong GPA. Applying to Medical School is a highly competitiveprocess and in fact, less than half of those who apply are actually accepted, So, to bea really strong candidate, you want to have a GPA of 3.75 or higher, at, towards the endof your Undergraduate career, when you’re getting ready to apply to Medical School,you’ll need to take what’s called the Medical College Admissions Test, or the MCAT. TheMCAT is an exam that tests your basic knowledge of the Physical and Biological Sciences, VerbalReasoning and Writing, and is required for all students who apply to Medical School.After taking the MCAT, you’ll actually apply

to Medical College and there is a standardizedapplications service called AMCAS, that most of the Medical Colleges in the United Statesuse. You can apply to one or all of the one hundred and twenty one participating schoolsthrough the AMCAS system. Upon being accepted to Medical School, you’ll be embarking onan additional four year course of study. The first two years are typically focused on didacticinstruction in Health Science, with some CLinical exposure during the first two years. You willthen need to pass what’s known as the United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1, whichcovers your basic knowledge of Health Science, Disease Process, and Treatment Modalities.The second two years of Medical School focus

primarily al skills, and teaching youthe basic knowledge and competency that you will need in order to practice Medicine asa Physician. AT the end of the second two years, you will need to pass what’s knownas USMLE Step 2, which covers your knowledge of basic al skill. At this point yougraduate from Medical School and are conferred the degree of either M.D. or D.O., dependingon whether you go to an Allopathic Medical School or an Osteopathic Medical School. Eitherway, you’re privileges as a Physician are the same. It is at this point that you actuallybegin to specialize. In this case, we’re looking at the path to becoming a Dermatologist. Nowthat requires a residency in Dermatology.

So you’ll need to match to a residency programin Dermatology and begin your Graduate Medical Education, or GME training, which is an additionalcourse of study beyond your coursework in Medical School, and it is during this timethat you’ll really learn how to be a Dermatologist. Once you complete your Residency program,you can take the State Board Exam in the State in which you wish to practice, or you can,you can take the Board in multiple States and then you’re ready to practice independentlyas a Dermatologist..

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