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Dermatologist Pomona Ca

Hi, this is Joseph at Skin Perfect Brothers at the city of Walnut We’re always updating our technology We recently we got a laser from Korea Specify treating pigmentation, sun damage, and melasma Spectra laser is amazing Here is our nurse Paula Hi She had a spectra peel yesterday And as you can see there is no downtime No redness no flanking no pain What is the spectra laser It is a basically a laser that uses acoustic vibration the laser uses vibration to break up the pigments to scatter into small pieces.

So your body can pick it up and absorb it The benefit of this laser from IPL and Fraxel is that it can go deeper Underneath the skin and causes all the melons to scatter And break up so the body can absorb it Before the treatment we apply a thin carbon The purpose of that is to absorb some of the laser And to cause it to penetrate deeper It is painless It only takes 1015 minutes And usually you need treatments once every week Series of 510 treatments Please visit Skin Perfect Brothers.

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