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Fillers Radiesse vs Juvederm vs Restylane vs Belotero vs Prevelle Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hi everybody. I’m Dr. David Reath and I’m here with my nurse Jill who is our Nurse Injector to talk about this week’s TruthOMeter Tuesday question. It’s one that pretty much everybody got right but It gives us the opportunity to talk a little about fillers. What we said is that a filler is a filler and any filler can be used interchangibly in any area of the face. And obviously the answer to that is false. So this is a good time for Jill to give us a primer on the differnt types of injectable fillers we use and why one might be better than the other.

Most of the fillers we use are hyaluronic acid which is something that is found naturally in our skin. We’ll start with the Prevelle. It is the thinnest one that we have. It lasts about 34 months. A great place for Prevelle is to line the lips with it, or to use in thin lines around the mouth or vertical lip lines. the next one we have is Belatero, also a hyaluronic acid. The longevity on it is about 6 months. Belatero is the newest one we carry. you can use it to line the lips with it also.

Maybe in the crow’s feet area. It is FDACleare for the crow’s feet area and you can expect about 6 months on that one. The next filler is Restylane, also a hyaluronic acid. A great place for Restylane is to plump the lips, You can also use it in the tear trough underneath the eyes where there is a little hollow. underneath the eyes. I frequently use Restylane in the tear trough area. Next we have our friend Juvederm. This is Juvederm Ultra. There are two kinds of Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus.

It also works well for little lines around the mouth. Next we have Juvederm Ultra Plus. This is the one that we use the most in this office. It works great to plump the lips. It works great in your smile lines. It works great in the cheeks and in the temples. You can expect about 612 months longevity on it. Normally for people it’s more towards 12 months on Juvederm Ultra Plus The last one we use in the office is Radiesse. It’s a different product. It is not a hyaluronic acid.

It’s a calcium based product and something that’s found naturally in your bones and teeth. It’s a little thicker so initially you’ll have a little more swelling but in the end you’ll have a little more longevity. You can expect about 914 months on Radiesse. A great place to use Radiesse is in the cheeks, or in the smile lines. Thanks Jill, that’s great information. But let’s find out who this week’s winner is. And the winner is.Suzanne Shumaker. Suzanne, congratulations. We have a $100 gift card Come into the office and pick that up. For everyone else, we’ll have another question next week.

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