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Photodynamic Therapy

Welcome to Dr. Lin is in Linking Science with Nature I’m Mark Alyn and we have a brand new, I think it’s brand new or relatively new cancer prevention uh huh treatment tell us about that. Yes um there is a new treatment it’s called Photo Dynamic Therapy and its used to treat skin cancers before they become clinically apparent. So how do I know that I need it or how would you know that I need it Well looking at your skin and the amount of sun damage that I see, I would say you definitely need it. Sigh There’s nothing.

That I don’t need, ok show it, tell me tell me what happens, how does it work Well when we’re young our skin is flawless, perfect. Right. And as we get older and we’re exposed to environmental damage then the skin cells begin to change, so first they become atypical, that means they look kind of funny under the microscope, then they become precancerous. Now precancerous spots you would as kind of red scaly spots on your face. So after it progresses from precancer then they become frankly cancerous and at that step they have.

To be cut out so want to catch it at the earliest possible time, so the best time to catch it is when they’re just becoming atypical or precancerous and that’s where this medication comes in. And it takes about an hour you said for part of it, so tell me what happens Well what you would do is you would apply this medication, it comes in a stick, you break the stick open and you apply it on the face. You cover the entire face You would cover the entire face, and it would sit for an hour during that hour its absorbed into all of.

The atypical cells on your face and after it’s absorbed we would put you under a blue light and this blue light would activate the medication and destroy the cells that absorb the medication, and then they would crust over and fall off your face. So normal cells don’t absorb it Right they would absorb it to a lesser degree. That’s amazing and that’s a, and you told me that uh most insurance covers this Yes most insurance covers it including medicare. If you want more information about this technology go to drmichaellin,.

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