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Park Cities Dermatology Sandra Witten discusses Obagi and the NewDerm System

So I’m going to give you an overview of Obagi, of the NewDerm system. You cleanse and tone just as you always do, twice a day. Then the next step at night you’re going to take your RetinA, your prescription RetinA, and mix it with your blender. This goes all over the face every single night. As I said this is really what’s gonna give you results with the pigmentation. In the morning, you’re gonna take another bleaching cream, blender has bleaching in it, but it also takes that RetinA and makes it work more deeply. The morning.

You’re gonna do Clear, this has hydroquinone in it, prescription strength hyrdoquinone to really help with those brown spots. This at night and this in the morning is really gonna help with that pigmentation, that melasma, give you that luminosity that everyone’s looking for. And then the Expederm is a glycolic acid exfoliant. Your RetinA is one type of exfoliant at night and then you’re gonna double up of exfoliant in the morning. And then always always always wear a good sunscreen 30 and above for everyday use and if you’re gonna.

Actually be out in the sun nothing covers better than a hat, sunglasses and 75. For those of you who may be concerned about RetinA, maybe it’s too harsh, you’ve tried it in the past, Obagi does make a non RetinA line called the Obagi Cline. This is a kinder, gentler product line. It’s gonna give you the same results, but it’s gonna take a little bit longer, as I said the NewDerm is a little bit more aggressive, this is a lot more gentle, you’ll still have the same effects but it’s gonna take you a little bit longer and you’re.

Gonna be able to tolerate this system if you’re not wanting to use RetinA. Just a basic overview you’ve got an exfoliant at night, youv’e got an exfoliant in the morning, you’ve got a great vitamin C that is very very stable that is mixed with the bleaching medicine so you’re still going to address that pigmentation, but you’re going to do it at a much gentler pace. That’s very nice for those with more sensitive skin. So, the Obagi CLine is available as well. I’d love to answer any specific questions you might have so I invite you to email me.

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