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How Is Botox Cosmetic Reconstituted Willo MediSpa

Hi, my name is Dr. Nello Rossi. We are here at Willo Medi Spa. I’d like to talk to you about a topic which I think most people don’t understand, which is how Botox is reconstituted. When you go into a provider who does Botox, they give you a shot of Botox. What does that mean How many units in that shot Allergan who makes Botox wants clients to understand the number of units in a shot, and the reason is because the concentration of Botox can be adjusted. This is a bottle of unopened Botox. As I open it, you can see there is.

A bottle of Botox, but there’s no liquid in this bottle. The other thing to note is that make sure your injector is using real Botox, and the way you know that is, because there is a hologram on this bottle that you can see. A hologram is something that distinguishes it from fake Botox, but there is no liquid in this bottle. So, an injector puts liquid in, therefore the concentration of each shot can vary from office to office. So, it would be best to know, how many units you’re getting in an injection. This allows people to go.

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