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Dermatologist Anthem Blue Cross

Hey thanks for watching this tutorial goes over the processing of marks specimen that was obtained from trainer during the most procedure if you haven’t already seen trailer do the operation when he removed the sample go.

Back and watch that first then come and watch the processing of the tissue where we see if you got the whole thing so what I’m going to do is log the patient into the logbook and i also find the patient and accession number and then.

Just to keep the orientation of the tissue all map the tissue and how I’m going to ink it so the knows what a top and bottom left and right so do yellow on the left blue on the right when I inc the tissue its kind of DAB.

The extra blood off and then I’m going to make the cut that I showed on the map which is at the bottom so here’s the 12 o’clock i’m gonna keep orientation and that’s the cut that i have on the map and then I’m.

Just going to relax the tissue tissue will naturally tense up once it’s cut out of the patient I’m just going all the way around and then i’m going to ink the tissue just like i have on the map so yellow on the.

Left you on the right and now we’re going to free the tissue so it’s going to make sure that all the epidermis is down on the side so that the can see the full margin when I just check the back to make sure.

There’s no bubbled and i’m going to face the tissue at the bottom of the Christ acts so that I could stick to the spies that’s just freezes yeah I haven’t frozen it yet but i will eventually i’m just going to freeze the.

One that i just put down at the bottom so just take some of the media put it on the choke can do the same thing to the tissue make some lastminute adjustments put media on the tissue as well.

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