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Dark Rough Patch Skin Ankle

Hey guys, this is Chinenye and today I’m just going to talk about how to get rid of spots on your legs because for myself growing up I had a lot of spots on my legs. My mom took me to a dermatologist after dermatologist after dermatologist and I don’t know if it was just me not being consistent with whatever cream was prescribed or just the fact that those things weren’t as effective but thankfully I found something that really works and that’s what I want to share with you today. Three things you will need. First one is chemical.

Peel. Let me tell you something about chemical peel, you might want to purchase your own chemical peel and do it yourself, but if you’re able to get to a dermatologist or like a spa or an aesthetician it’s way better, it will save a lot of time, maybe not money but a lot of time and you know that you’re doing it well. They have access to deep chemical peels that really works and you’ll be rest assured that they’ll tell you like maybe they’ll apply it once and then tell you to come back in like 2 weeks or like a week.

You have someone who is helping you keep track of your treatment. So if you’re able to go to a dermatologist or like a spa to get your chemical peels done, do that, ok On your legs, do that. The second thing you’ll need is carrot glow serum, ok It’s a lightening agent, you need to be really careful, only use it on your leg where you have the spot and once your spot heal stop using it, stop because you’re going to be white if you don’t. The third thing is the carrot glow lotion.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On LegsPart 1

You can mix the carrot glow lotion with the serum and rub it on your leg twice daily. For people who want to get rid of their dark spots really fast, if you’re that much 220, you can do it three times daily but just make sure that once your spot clears off you stop. This is not something to help you bleach your skin, no! This is something to help you get rid of dark spots and if you don’t really have a lot of dark spots like I did all over.

My legs then you should just only apply it on that area where you have the spots so you won’t be like Michael Jackson. That’s all I have for you guys today, if you have questions email me with your questions, I’ll be happy to help out, give my suggestions. I’m not a dermatologist but I’m able to speak from experience. That’s it guys, I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you’re on instagram or twitter and I’ll follow back. Thanks for listening.

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