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Crispy Chicken Skin Breast

Motos Kitchen Recipe 13 Chicken Teriyaki

Hi, I’m Moto. Welcome to my kitchen. Today, I am making chicken teriyaki. It’s probably the most known name, aside from sushi. The word teriyaki is known outside of Japan. I don’t know where this became such a big, popular food. So, today I am making chicken teriyaki my way. Americans love breast meat, but, do not use breast meat at any occasion. I’m telling you, whenever you use chicken, use thigh meat. It’s so much more flavorful, tender, and it’s so much better. So, I’m using chicken thigh, skinon, boneless today. Actually,.

It’s sprayed with some sake. A little bit. Then, I put a little bit of graded ginger on top. Just let it rest for 1020 minutes or so. Once this is done, you want to wipe the liquid with a paper towel. When the pan is very hot, you want it very hot, put a little bit of oil, and put the skin side down. You cook it for 35 minutes on the skin side so it gets very crispy. Now, flip it. Make sure the skin side is nicely browned. Here, I’ll.

Spray some of the sake in a spray bottle, and sort of steam fry it. Now I will add sugar on top of the chicken, sake, mirin, and soy sauce. It’s equal amount of all of them. With this liquid, you also want to close the lid and steam it so the chicken will be cooked through. So after you put all of the teriyaki ingredients, you want to cook it and also wrap the chicken around so it gets coated evenly with this good sauce. You also want to make sure the sauce gets pretty thick. It will take about 35 minutes additionally,.

Once you poured the sauce in. Okay, It’s getting a bit burned. Lovely, lovely. Nicely done. The chicken is done. I’m actually saving this sauce. You want to take this out of the pan because the pan is still too hot. It will cook too much and it will get burnt. So, take it out of the heat. So now the chicken is done. Let’s cut this guy up into small pieces. You may want to wait a little bit longer because it’ hot. Okay, so how do I serve this I like.

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