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Chicken Wings Without Skin Calories

The perfect chicken wings. smokey, delicious, tangy, salty sweet! Absolute heaven! Today, Jamie is eating hot chicken wings cooked by none other than. DJ BBQ! Wahoo! Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about Oh man, I think I pulled something dude. Is everything alright You just wanted to check out my butt didn’t ya Sorry.hi Chicken wings.talk to use about the perfect chicken wings These are beautiful Let’s have a little try here, you talk while I eat. Well it’s layers of flavour, so, the first layer of flavour.a dry rub Mix of awesomeness.

You know, some sweets, some spicy I love the skin, the skins crispy Towards the end of the cooking process I add the DJ BBQ Piri Piri sauce.It’s traditional Piri Piri but, instead of using a scotch whisky or something used down there I went with a sour mash.a Bourbon So, that’s the vibe in that sauce. So it’s spicy. It’s kinda sweet, it’s smoky, but you got that crispy skin Guys, this is really exciting, because look what we’ve got DJ BBQ has his own cookbook. 50 of the best barbecue recipes you’re going to use most of the time.

The 50 recipes in here have all been tested by my team Like Ninjas, right, so they all work Tell these guys about what’s in here, while I flick through it What we’ve got is slow and low cooking, if you wana do a nice pulled pork, or a recipe like that Or maybe like a pulled chuck joint or kinda like quick grill recipes But my favourite chapter is party time Cooking big ol’ recipes for lots of people throwing parties. we even do some vegetarian stuff and there’s lot’s of salsa’s and rub.

Whats Jamie Eating Today 19 DJ BBQs Piri Piri Chicken Wings

So, the full on flavour party time is in that book but you got salads inside.you’ve got amazing meatloafs chiles, pulled beef We got pork ribs, Saint Louis ribs, we got burgers, chicken All your major meat groups The pictures have all been photographed by the wonderful David Loftus Who has shot my work for the last 14 years He’s like the man, the myth, the legend They’re gorgeous, they work, 7.99 or cheaper I’m sure online So listen guys.that is what I’m eating today I really want DJ BBQ to smash it with the books.

It’s an awesome, awesome book.I can gaurentee you I really wish you all the best Thanks dog! and of course, thanks for all your support and also if you haven’t, suscribe to his channel There’s a button right there, that’s my channel right there and if you haven’t subscribed to Foodtube, there’s a button right above Jamie’s head, you wana hit that button Make sure you subscribe, it is all for free! We really appreciate you guys sharing and loving and spreading it all man Come on man, so there you go guys, that’s what I’m eating today.

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