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Chicken-skin Like Armpit

Home Remedies for Chicken Pox scars Part 2

Welcome to Health Care at Home In our previous episode we were talking about how to get rid of the scars due to Chicken Pox. One of the effective remedy i will tell you, take Flowers of Marigold and also takes the leaves of the marigold plant along with you have to take some Margosa Leaves Means you have to 1 Bowl of Marigold flower, 1 Bowl of Leaves of Marigold plant 1 Bowl of Margosa Leaves take all of them and grind them and prepare the paste by adding some of the water.

You have to apply this paste in all our your body and applying it let it dry And once its turn dried then how you have to bath, let me tell you that similarly these Marigold flowers, leaves of marigold plant Margosa leaves boil them in a bucket of water once the water boils take out the leaves and the remaining water, you have to bath it with that water and clean you body. and if you do not wish to bath, then whenever you have scars there only you apply this paste and wash it out with water once its dried.

You will notice that the scars which you had they are getting no more. There is one more very easy remedy is there Take the Aloevera leave and peel it an take out its gel After taking the gel out , almost 4 Spoon of gel to be taken you have to add 2 Spoon of Honey 1 Spoon of milk to be added Get it mixed well and after that you have to add 2 Spoon of Multani Mitti This will ready like a well prepared facepack You have to apply this pack on all over your body.

And let it dry, and once it is completely dry then you may wash this out with Luke Warm Water and you will notice that the scars which you have, they are getting vanish now. There is one more remedy which is very easy and good also Take coconut which contains lot of water Although if you will apply the coconut water on your body that will give you relief. but the cream of the coconut, take that cream and the water of coconut water and mixed them well and then you have to grind them and prepare their paste , this will be ready like a lotion sort of.

And you may apply this lotion on all over your body you can use it as a night cream, as you apply it and let the extra moisture get vanish and if you sleep it while applying it on your body then you may apply it and then sleeep and in the morning bath with the Luke warm water, you will notice within few days that those scars are vanish now. And yes, you have to be careful for one thing. you have to consume maximum of tomatoes in your food.

Eat as much as Tomatoes , Spinach Cabbage With the consumptions of these items , scars will be vanish very fast. Apart from this you may consume a soup during chicken pox. if you are suffering from chicken pox they you may consume this soup. Take 200 gm of Carrot and fine chop the carrots Chop them very finely and add 5060 gm of Coriander leaves and let them boil into the 250 gm of water once it is completely boil and the extract of carrot and coriander leaves get into the water.

Then after straining this you may consume this waterSoup You will notice that you will get maximum relief in the chicken pox. in case you want, once its cool down then you may blend it in the blender and boil it once again and once its Lukewarm then you can drink it You will get maximum relief in the chicken pox. There is one more effective remedy is there, Take Papaya and take out its pulp, take out at least 4 spoon of Papaya pulp either you can grate or put the papaya into blender.

And add 2 Spoon of Honey into the pulp and the paste which is ready, you may apply this paste all over on your body let it be for 20 minutes an sit in the area where it may dry for 20 minutes so that this paste which has lots of Amino Acids So that skin may adsorb that aminoacids and after that you may bath, you will notice that the scars are vanished. So, isn’t it all the remedies were very easy Rest our wish is only that you may stay healthy,Busy, Carefree and be with us.

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