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Chicken Skin Bacon

Baked Chicken Recipe Dice Bacon for Baked Chicken

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a really great, really simple chicken recipe. It’s baked chicken with pearl onions, bacon and mushrooms. Here we are with our bacon. I’ve actually put my bacon in the freezer for five minutes, because cold bacon is a lot easier to cut than warm bacon. It’s not frozen, it’s just hard. I’ll just cut this in half, this way. Since my bacon has already been neatly laid out, I’m just going to cut it. I’m not even going to interrupt.

The way it’s lying. I’m using my very, very sharp knife to cut it into nice little pieces, like this. With bacon, a sharp knife is important, cold bacon is important, and moving quickly is important. Because if it starts to thaw, it starts to get gummy and stringy, and becomes a hassle to work with, and we don’t want that. I know this looks like a lot of bacon, but trust me, it won’t be once we start rendering it out. There is all of our bacon. We can even leave it clumped up like this, it doesn’t matter, because when it hits the pan it will.

All break up. If you have to slice the bacon whole, lay the pieces out individually and cut them, but I just left mine the way they came, cut them just like that. That being said, you could also buy a whole block of bacon that is uncut, and cut it yourself. That’s actually preferable, but I’m just showing you a quick way to do it with good old grocery store bacon. If you do buy grocery store bacon, make sure you get the thick cut stuff. The thin cut stuff doesn’t work very well. That being said, let’s move on, cut our chicken,.

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