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Can Molluscum Contagiosum Be Treated

Molluscum contagiosum is a very common viral skin infection which particularly affects children. Molluscum contagiosum is spread from person to person by direct contact particularly in damp environments such as swimming pools. The signs and symptoms of Molluscum contagiosum are usually small flesh colored bumps that appear on the skin particularly around body folds such as the neck or around the groins. They also can occur particularly in areas of eczema where scratching of the skin can also spread them around. Sometimes the molluscum spots can become a bit more red and inflamed.

But this is usually a sign that the body’s immune system is recognizing the virus is foreign and starting to clear it so it is usually a good sign that things are on the way out. Often a dermatologist won’t offer any treatment for Molluscum contagiosum and that’s because the spots will tend to go away on their own anyway. However if there are a lot of them or they’re causing a problem some dermatologists might take the roof of the molluscum off to help them clear more quickly. Molluscum can sometimes be frozen.

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