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The King of Food Ep.12 Feast for Fatigue Recovery 2014.08.06

You must be knowledgeable to earn a feast! Welcome to the King of Food! Let me reveal today’s theme. Goodbye fatigue. Goodbye. Fatigue recovery. We have Cho Jungchi and Jung Joonyoung. You two really need to eat whatever we serve today. I’m really glad you two are here. They look somewhat alike. I feel sorry for them for some reason. They are really thin and look lethargic. I think that’s why we chose this theme. Minah, you’re young but I’m sure you get tired, too. I feel like I’m dying these days.

We’re making a comeback soon, and I’m exhausted. I’m sure. When girl group singers get their hair and makeup done, you would think that they look pretty. Yes. I saw her at the salon once. I thought she was at a dentist. She was asleep with her mouth wide open. She was that tired. I was on the pilot episode of this show. And I got to eat. You did. It reminds me of cow intestines. It looks like pork. Skates are naturally chewy. Minah!.

I feel like I turned into a skate. It actually helped. I felt much healthier. Really It’s good to hear you feel healthier. But I don’t want to eat it ever again. Jungchi, you got married recently. Yes. Some might think you’re extra tired. Are you I actually feel very light and energetic. I just look like I am exhausted. I feel like I could even fly. Really You feel like you could fly Just one flick from me, and you will fly way. Joonyoung, aren’t you very tired these days.

Yes, but I feel fine today. You feel fine today Yes. You look drained. You look the worst. Today’s special guest will recommend us food for fatigue recovery, but he is not someone who is affected by fatigue. He is a man of great strength. There is someone like that Come on out. Stop, stop. I feel bad for those guys. Hello. Welcome. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Mangi, it’s great to meet you. If Greece myth had Hercules, and the Bible had Samson,.

Korea has him. Look at that. Lee Mangi has won. Lee Mangi, the symbol of neverending power. Lee Mangi beat Gang Hodong 3 to 0. Lee Mangi won. Lee Mangi won the first tournament of 1989. He beat his opponent 3 to 2 and became the first champion. He took home 15,000 dollars in prize money. 10time Cheonha Champion. 18time Baekdu Champion. 7time Halla Champion. He has a total of 49 wins including smaller titles. He has accomplished this in just seven years. Lee Mangi is Korea’s legend of power. He deserves to rest after all that,.

But he appears in commercials, works as a ssireum commentator. and even teaches in college. He is unstoppable! He offered to share his secret of overcoming fatigue. This is the one feast I will fight to eat. Do you recover from fatigue faster than average When I was an athlete, I didn’t really feel tired. I think I was stronger than most people. Do you still exercise every day I ride my bicycle for about two hours every morning. Two hours Not just along a path but up a mountain. It’s called mountain biking. Mountain biking.

I ride up and down a mountain two hours every morning. For two hours. That’s amazing. That keeps the muscles in my lower body strong. Your thighs and calves. They were famous. They were. What else is mountain biking good for I can see his muscles even through the pants. Joonyoung, what kind of exercise do you do I breathe. Breathing. What was the most strenuous activity you have done I recently went on a hike for a show. Hiking.

It was the hardest activity I had done in my life. You’ve never gone hiking before Which mountain Hiking No. It was a first My first fullscale hiking. Then. Did it take you a while to recover It was insane. He’s still suffering. I felt like I’d been hit. It was bad. I know. Your body aches all over. Come over here. He has never really exercised. He’s so slim. in his life. He is not slim.

He is so thin. He is thin. Women would want that figure. True. Mangi, turn around, please. I’m showing my calves Please show us. I’ve seen them before, but I’m still amazed. His pants won’t go up. My goodness. His pants won’t go up. My goodness. His pants won’t go up. My goodness. How many layers of muscles are there Wow. It’s like a daddy’s and baby’s legs. Joonyoung’s leg is as thick as Mangi’s arm. Look. It’s the size of his face.

It’s the size of his face. It’s bigger than his face. My pants are stuck. Have you seen his legs His leg looks like a sea squirt. Sea squirt Muscles usually shrink with age because of many reasons including less use, but yours look even better than before. I really can’t wait to find out what Mangi eats. Is it something adults like to eat or is it something you can feed children as they grow Everyone loves it. Men, women, old, and young. Is it an everyday snack.

or a treat Yes. I probably eat it about once a month. At least. Not too often, then Us, too Isn’t that often enough I take desserts very seriously. They’re important. Can you eat this as a dessert You can turn it into a dessert. You can make a cake or a pie with it. It could be a dessert. It can be. It’s possible. Isn’t this something your mother cooked regularly Didn’t that help with your energy It did.

My mother made this for me since I was very young. I know the answer. Already I know what it is. What is it What is it Ramen. You like ramen, right Yes. Ramen as a pickmeup It tastes good, but ramen as a pickmeup Why would his mother make that in the countryside She could’ve made it for him once a month. Everyone can eat it. Take a nap if you want. You look tired. That’s all the hints we can give you. Write your answer on the boards behind you. Okay.

One per team Yes. Small octopus. He does like mountains. And you want to go with small octopus Not fields, not hills, but mountains Shrimp You can make pies with it. In the olden days, when King Sejong. King Sejong felt fatigued. When he felt fatigued, King Sejong created Hangeul. Duck. This animal’s genitalia. Genitalia Genitalia He ate this animal’s genitalia, right He ate it. Are we eating genitalia again King Sejong ate this animal’s testes. Five, four, Eunhye. three,.

two, one. Just once a month Don’t copy ours. We won’t. Don’t copy ours. One, two, three. Pheasant. Pheasant. Pheasant. Is it pheasant or chicken The correct answer is. Chicken. Chicken. Does this mean we get to eat Baejigi! 49 total wins. He is the symbol of ssireum in Korea. The word fatigue isn’t in Lee Mangi’s vocabulary. What does the Cheonha Champion eat when he’s tired It’s chicken. Does chicken actually have energizing properties Chicken has a component called imidazole dipeptide.

It’s an antifatigue substance that has an anti oxidation effect on our bodies. That’s why it’s great to eat when you’re tired. Does Imidazole dipeptide sound too foreign This component gives migratory birds the strength to fly thousands of kilometers for over two weeks. Shall we see if eating chicken does reduce fatigue Children in this elementary school ssireum club train hard to become the next Lee Mangi. We asked for their help to confirm the effect of chicken in alleviating fatigue. We can measure which of the four levels of fatigue.

You fall into by looking at your eyes. We measured the fatigue level of eight children. You are severely fatigued. Oh dear, Severe is the highest level of fatigue. I guess they have trained too hard. Initial test results showed that all eight boys are severely fatigued. Samgyetang! Samgyetang! We divided the boys into two groups. One group just rested. This looks so good. The other group ate samgyetang. An hour later we measured their level of fatigue again. Would there be a difference You are severely fatigued.

The boys who rested were still severely fatigued. Look at them! But the boys who ate the chicken. You are slightly fatigued. The level went down. He has recovered. Really Their levels all dropped. That’s amazing. I didn’t believe chicken had this effect. It’s pretty amazing. Had I known, I would have fed them chicken often. I’ll feed them more chicken from now on. Here’s an intermediate quiz. Which part of the chicken is the best for relieving fatigue I’m being tortured again. That looks amazing. Do we get to taste it Yes.

Pick the part that you think the best for relieving fatigue. Out of the three parts One of three. And eat it. Go for the largest bit, the drumstick. I might. The ladies get the first pick. It looks delicious. There are trucks that sell chicken in the streets. It’s nice and moist. I always buy one. We have wings, drumsticks, and some breast meat. Pick up the part you think is best to beat fatigue. And eat it. The best part of chicken is.

The drumstick. I’m salivating. The best part of a chicken is the drumstick. The drumstick. I need to do it right. She’s good. The drumstick That looks delicious. It’s not like the grilled chicken from beer joints. It looks like chicken grilled in an oven. The smell. I’ll taste it. Eat up. I’m sorry I can’t share. Don’t worry. You should feel guilty. She makes it look so good. Wow. She knows how to eat. She appreciates it. The thigh of the drumstick is the best part.

The thigh. It’s perfectly moist. There is the right amount of grease. You can inhale it. Is it good Look at that. She makes it look amazing. She does! Oh dear. So you think a drumstick is the best. He took the best part. The skin. He couldn’t help himself. What’s the reason Why do you think it’s the drumstick Chickens can’t fly. So the wings are underdeveloped. But their legs are very strong. Joonyoung. I think it’s the breast. The breast.

But I really want to eat a drumstick. I want a drumstick. Doesn’t the drumstick look amazing Isn’t that good, too Isn’t it dry Chicken breast is dry. Is it good I thought he stuck out his tongue. Me, too. I thought he was being rude. There is a reason why I chose this. What is it It’s about fatigue. People who work out eat chicken breast. For the protein. Right. I think it helps them recover, too. Couldn’t that be a reason they eat chicken breast.

It makes sense. It sounds plausible. From here, Joonyoung looks like a beggar in the street. It looks so funny. A poor beggar sitting in the street. A beggar who is disheveled and dirty. The best part to eat when you’re fatigued is The breast. The breast. The drumstick. The drumstick. The drumstick. Okay. Sook, is that your arm No, I stretched it out the best I can The best you can That’s right. One of the teams got it right.

Let’s find out which team got it right. Out of the drumstick, breast, and wing which part has the most fatiguefighting components These experts ran some tests for us. The answer is No. 2, chicken breast. Imidazole dipeptide, which helps fight exhaustion, are mostly accumulated in muscles that are used a lot. The muscle a bird uses to move their wings is the breast. Do you eat chicken breast because it’s high in protein and low in fat It fights fatigue, so you get two birds with one stone. Here is the King of Food quiz.

Which one of these dishes is the best in relieving fatigue You never know what will happen We may not get to eat, so take a huge scoop. Okay. Watch out. It’s hot. You should cool it first. It’s delicious. Guess the answer, not taste it. You feel healthy I felt great earlier, but my energy level was dropping. Eating this made me feel better again. You feel the energy Sook! No, no, no. It’s hot. It’s hot! How is it It’s very hot.

But is it good It’s delicious. I bet it is. We make chicken porridge with many parts, but this was made only with breast meat. I guess it was cooked for a long time. The meat is not hard. The first was chicken porridge. The second one is. It’s well done Yes. That looks so good. It’s grilled Yes. It’s grilled chicken breast. Try some. Stab that piece and stuff it in your mouth. Don’t you want to eat, Junhyun It must be a stress reliever.

I can feel the energy. From the chicken breast steak Yes. Add some milk. The ratio is important. Don’t just dump it in. Don’t worry. I’m a great cook. I know what I’m doing. Hold down the lid. I’m wary of this dish. I know. He’s good at this. Twist it sideways. It’s done. Here. It doesn’t look very appetizing. It looks like soy milk. Let me see. Okay. It looks like a yam shake. It smells nutty.

It looks like porridge. Are you finishing it It must taste all right. Does it taste okay It’s better than I thought. Really It’s delicious. I guess you really do know what you’re doing. Of course I do, I used to cook. Men drink this to stay fit, but for women. It not bad with the syrup. Right It’s not good How is it Is it good Doesn’t it taste weird Is it good Weird, right.

Is it weird I’m not used to this texture. Really What do you mean It won’t just go down. It’s a shake, but I have to chew and swallow. This is a quiz, not a snack time or a break. You tried all three. Can you guess which it is The porridge tasted the best. But the shake was cooked for the least amount of time. It wasn’t grilled or anything. It’s probably easier for the body to absorb, too. So I think it’s the shake.

I think it’s the shake, too. You tend to eat a lot when you work out. When you have to eat a lot, convenience is the key. The shake is the easiest to absorb, too. Isn’t that convenience over nutrition There’s syrup, though. The syrup is. The less the better. Wouldn’t the dish that’s harder to make be more nutritious The fact that she said that. The shake. She thinks it’s the shake. She wants to steal the answer. She tried to bait us, but her acting was terrible. It was.

You didn’t have to. They are very smart. You took them for fools. We’re not idiots. Seriously. Your acting was way too obvious. I personally think it’s the porridge. Let’s go with that. Okay. Team Eunhye. One, two, three. Porridge. The porridge. Did one of the two teams get it right Let’s find out. The correct answer is No. 1, the porridge. When you boil a chicken for 30 minutes, the fatiguebeating components seep into the stock. A bowl of chicken porridge will revive you right away.

The King of Food recommends these three chicken dishes that will help you beat summer exhaustion. No. 3 is grilled chicken. Chuncheon is famous for its grilled chicken. It started off as humble stirfried cabbage and chicken until it evolved into something new. The King of Food always tries to be different. Today, you will be served pebble grilled chicken. That looks fantastic. These are our treasures. We get to eat that We can eat that dish Yes. Cook marinated chicken on hot pebbles and wrap it in vegetables. It looks fantastic.

One piece of spicy pebble grilled chicken will bring back your appetite and energy. The No. 2 chicken dish that fights summer fatigue. It’s something you eat at least once in summer. It’s samgyetang. There are many different kinds of samgyetang. Today, we’ll serve you something refreshing that’s perfect on a hot summer day. Chogyetang will cool you right to your bones. The royals used to eat this during the summer months. To some chicken broth, add chicken and season with vinegar and mustard. This dish is so good. It’s sweet and sour and cold.

The kings would eat that dish with their precious ice. Yes, in the olden days. It is a precious dish. The No. 1 summer chicken dish is. The best of all chicken recipes. It’s the beloved latenight snack in the summer, fried chicken! Would you like some fiery chicken today Is that on fire Fiery chicken It’s on fire. That looks amazing. Deepfry marinated chicken until crispy. Like a fire show Stirfry in a special sauce. and add minced garlic. Then it’s half done.

It’s then set on fire using some alcohol. There’s your fiery chicken. It sure will be fiery. My gosh, look at that. Chicken is good for you, and it helps beat fatigue. I congratulate the winning team that gets to eat this. Bring in the fatiguebusting chicken feast. It looks great. It really does. Any chicken dish tastes good. Please welcome Chef Kang Leo. Wow. The first dish we will try is Mr. Lee’s favorite, broiled chicken. It looks so good. Look at that.

Look at the garlic. This is Mr. Lee’s recipe. I used a lot of garlic. Try it. People don’t add a lot of garlic. I use a lot of garlic and some ginseng. I add some dates and a lot of garlic, and cook it for half a day. Half a day It tastes amazing after you boil it for a long time. It helped me recover when I was a professional. I’d say there are about 100 cloves of garlic in here.

I’ve never seen so many. I use 60 per chicken. 60 60 cloves Yes, just that. The broth tastes completely different. It’s fresh. Look at all the garlic. This is a lot of garlic in here. Can we taste some No. Stop giving me hope. The garlic. I can feel my fatigue being washed away. The garlic eliminates the odor of chicken. Eating garlic with chicken. Chicken is pretty high in cholesterol. Garlic helps bring down the cholesterol level.

You didn’t season this at all You just added garlic Yes, just garlic. That’s why it’s so clean. It’s fresh. I’ve never felt sorry for anyone in the other team. But Joonyoung and Jungchi look really sad. Don’t you want some There is one left. Is it good It’s melting in my mouth. It’s good It’s obviously good. It must be the garlic. You can feel the energy the minute you take a bite. I feel so energetic. I’ve never tried chicken cooked with this much garlic.

I was afraid it would be overpowering. But the garlic actually cleans up the smell. The garlic adds this fresh taste. It works as a seasoning. It does. You don’t need salt. It tastes perfect. Minah. It’s your turn. Taste it. I don’t want to look. She eats well. She does. She seems to know how to eat well. Isn’t it good It’s fantastic. It smells great. Almost fresh. It might be the lack of sticky rice, but it’s so clean and refreshing.

Did you drink through your nose I’ll give you a onebite quiz. For one bite Yes. Which of these two is a fresh chicken No. 1, the chicken with bumpy skin. No. 2, the chicken with smooth skin. Me! Me! Jungchi was first. Bumpy skin. Me. You said bumpy Then I’ll go with raw. Smooth. Smooth skin Smooth skin. Junhyun Bumpy. Why Because the feathers were just plucked out. A healthy chicken’s feathers should go deeper.

So it leaves bumps when they’re pulled. No, it’s smooth skin. Smooth skin Women have smooth legs. The answer is. Bumpy skin. You ate a lot already. Explain why. Junhyun gets to eat Junhyun’s explanation was spoton. Spoton It was spoton. If you think like Joonyoung. Women don’t have hair. They don’t pluck. We do pluck. Jungchi was the first one to answer correctly. I can eat Yes. Junhyun did all the explaining. I’ve never seen him smile like that.

You’re mean. Try the broth first. Down it. The broth is amazing. It tastes different. Doesn’t it It’s not what we’re used to. Focus on this bowl here. We ate so much garlic, but there’s still a lot left. It’s almost half garlic, half chicken. It doesn’t need any salt. Junhyun looks so upset. You acted like you didn’t care if you couldn’t eat. Junhyun only gets some broth. Broth! I did get it right. The 100 cloves of garlic. He’s sweating already. The garlic. Isn’t it nice.

It’s really different. What’s the next dish It’s chicken grilled on pebbles. All right. It’s amazing. Chef, is this thigh meat It is. You spread it out flat Yes. Does cooking on pebbles give it a distinct flavor Cooking over charcoal adds the charcoal flavor. Cooking it like this ensures the smoke stays on, giving it a smoky taste. Squid grilled on marble tastes much better, too. It smells so good. I can smell the spices. This is awesome. Don’t look at me.

The more you chew, the better it tastes. I think this is amazing. This is. It’s chewy. A bit like jelly, right It is so soft and chewy. Thigh meat is usually just soft. How come this is so chewy Lean meat usually tastes dry and tough. Right. But this isn’t dry at all. It’s chewy. Exactly. It’s smooth. And soft. They finished it already. The skin is nice and chewy. Chicken usually. The skin. It’s soft.

Hold it right there! We’ll use our quiz chance! Please. The quiz! It’s chewy. Isn’t it Next. What should we eat next The next dish is chogyetang. Fantastic. I wanted to try this. North Koreans eat this during winter, but we eat it in summer when it’s very hot. There is fruit in it Yes. Try some. It’s good Yes. I saw chogyetang on TV once. But since it’s basically a cold chicken dish, I thought it would smell and taste weird.

But now I see why this dish is so popular. You take the clear broth and season it. I ate chogyetang before, but never with any fruit. It’s so refreshing. Sweet, sour, and cool. The nuts make it tasty and fun to chew. The more you chew, the more chicken flavor you get. The natural juices. It goes straight down your throat. The flavor of chicken floats around in your mouth. Take a long big gulp of the broth. Minah, the chicken dishes must have energized you. Sing a bit of your new song.

Channel the flavor. Of this Dance like a bowl of chogyetang. There you go. Since you danced. Give her the bigger piece. This is the biggest one. Earlier on, Chef Kang gave me. A small piece Yes. Music, please. Seriously For real Music, please. Really Honestly We can eat if we dance He is never like this. I know! Do I get to eat Here. Isn’t it lovely I ate the skin, too.

Go on, dance. I don’t want to eat it that much. The King of Food will now show you what Koreans eat the most when they are fatigued. Please feast with your eyes. The top three foods Koreans eat to relieve fatigue. Small octopus is said to revive a dying cow. With a nickname of Ginseng of the mudflats , it’s full of taurine that helps you beat exhaustion. That’s why so many people eat it to feel energized. It revives your appetite when the heat gets to you. One mouthful should make you energized.

No. 2 is samgyeopsal, Koreanstyle pork belly. It’s full of vitamin B1 and essential amino acids that help you metabolize energy and overcome tiredness. Which food would be No. 1 Yes. It’s red ginseng. The cute badminton player, Lee Yongdae. The Korean majorleague player, Choo Shinsoo. The breaker of swimming records, Park Taehwan. They’re just a few Korean athletes who eat red ginseng to stay on top of their game. Does it really help beat fatigue Red ginseng contains as many as 32 kinds of ginsenoside, a kind of saponin. They improve your energy metabolism rate,.

Prevents lactic acid from building up, and heightens your motor ability. That’s why it’s perfect for beating summer fatigue. Fresh ginseng is called gold from the field. Sixyearold ginseng is considered the best because it contains the most beneficial components. So how do you figure out if a ginseng is six years old I still wonder how our ancestors figured it out. Fiveyearold ginseng has five adult leaves. Sixyearold ginseng has six leaves and contains the most amount of good components. That’s why we use that to make red ginseng. Here is how red ginseng is made.

I spread some pine needles. Spread out the fresh ginseng on a cloth. Then we steam it like this. Keep refilling the cold water on top of the lid. That locks in the steam and the beneficial properties. It drips back into the pot via the pointy handle. We steam for three hours after the vapors first appear. Fresh ginseng is steamed and dried multiple times and then processed to make red ginseng. It’s a true medicine made with time and effort. The name red ginseng first appeared in records of Joseon Dynasty’s King Jeongjo.

They dried ginsengs to keep them for longer and realized that the process decreased the toxic level and increased the good properties, making them even more valuable. Even now, red ginseng is a muchloved health product. But there are some who avoid eating red ginseng because they think it raises their core temperature. Especially if you sweat a lot already like Junhyun. We ran an experiment to see if red ginseng affects body temperature. Before and after one ingests red ginseng. Will there be a difference in body temperature People think red ginseng.

Makes your body temperature rise. Eating causes blood to flow to your stomach which makes people think your temperature went up. There is actually no change in your core temperature. Tests on the peripheral nervous system show that eating red ginseng lowers stress levels. The price of red ginseng puts you off, doesn’t it You can make red ginseng at home in just three hours. This is a tip from the King of Food. Wash fresh ginseng and put the fine roots to one side. Thinly slice the main root. Steam the slices and the fine roots for 15 minutes.

Dry them, and you’re done. Drying takes about two days at room temperature but it can get moldy in the humid summer. It’s hard to dry food at room temperature. Here is one item that will eliminate your worries. The electric frying pan. With this, you can dry your red ginseng in three hours. Make sure you keep it at the lowest heat setting. From the rhizome to the fine roots, there is nothing to throw away in this fatiguebuster. Here is the King of Food quiz. Which part of the ginseng has the most saponin.

Which is the fatiguebusting chemical No. 1, fine roots. No. 2, body. No. 3, rhizome. Which part of the ginseng contains the most saponin No. 1, fine roots, No. 2, body, No. 3, rhizome. I’d say it’s all in here. Right The part that goes in samgyetang. Team Eunhye Rhizome. Rhizome. Team Junhyun Fine roots. Fine roots. Can you tell us why My fatherinlaw gave me a powder made with the roots. Really He said it’s good for you. Perhaps that part is just cheap.

He ate the body and the rhizome. He ate the best parts and gave him the leftovers. Team Eunhye, why did you say it’s the rhizome Saponin is bitter. We tasted each part. Saponin is bitter It is. Is it Isn’t it sour Is it sweet I wouldn’t know. It has a bitter aftertaste. The rhizome tasted the most bitter. It was hard to swallow. The fine roots absorb nutrients from the earth. The body carries them up to the rhizome. I think the nutrients are condensed in there.

The answer. We are having second thoughts. We are now considering the body. The body Yes. Not the fine roots The body. Your fatherinlaw gave you fine root powder. I’m wondering if they really were leftovers. It’s possible. The body or the fine roots, one, two. Fine roots. Fine roots. Let’s stick to it. Okay. Let’s find out the correct answer. Saponin creates bubbles when boiled in water. We cut up a ginseng into its three parts. Let’s see which of the three parts.

Has the most saponin that creates the most bubbles. This pot has bubbles covering the whole surface. The answer is No. 1, the fine roots. The fine roots contain the most ginsenoside. Then it’s the rhizome, with the body containing the least. The part we tend to throw away has the most ginsenoside. Red ginseng’s fine roots contain three to four times more saponin than the body does. It’s best if you eat parts of the body and fine roots together. Shall we find out some tasty and healthy ways to enjoy red ginseng’s benefits.

It’s summer, so let’s make a special samgyetang. Stuff a chicken with sticky rice, dates, and garlic. Then cook in a red ginseng broth. That is how you make red ginseng gyetang, which enables you to fight the summer heat. Just one bowl will last you all through the summer. How about a refreshing red ginseng fruit salad Freeze some red ginseng broth the night before. Cut up some fruits into pretty shapes and add them in a mixture of soda and red ginseng extract. Red ginseng is good for you and can be tasty, too.

Just imagining the smell makes me feel energized. Bring in the red ginseng feast for us to enjoy. What’s that Wow! We’ll start the feast with red ginseng bossam. Broiling meat with red ginseng is a great way to lower cholesterol levels. Red ginseng bossam. Add just a little bit of pickled shrimp. Isn’t it like regular bossam Isn’t it bitter Bossam is all the same. I bet it smells. How can it be so soft It’s soft It’s wellcooked. It was cooked for a while.

Some people dislike this because of the smell of pork. It doesn’t smell at all. The pork smell That smell. Did you cook the meat You can’t eat two at a time. You’re way too greedy. It really doesn’t smell. There is just an aroma of ginseng. It’s highclass pork dish. That’s exactly it. The aroma spreads in your mouth. Chef Kang, you didn’t add anything else You just used ginseng Yes. What do you think, Joonyoung A lot of you should know by now that.

I really don’t react to anything on TV. Right. I’m very impassive. I don’t smile if it’s not funny and even if it’s funny, I just grin. This is fantastic. Seriously. It’s fantastic It’s delicious. How about a rock star shout, then The King of Food is really amazing! A watery fruit salad with frozen red ginseng broth. It’s beautiful. It’s like sujeonggwa. I bet it tastes like medicine. He’s downing it. Is it cold Bottoms up. Is it good Is it good.

This is one great show. It feels like I’m wrapping up after a meal. Like I’m drinking some sikhye or sujeonggwa. As a dessert. Don’t we get a onebite quiz or something You’re right. This is cruel. They stuff their faces, and we can’t. It should change. Team Eunhye looks pretty tired now. Here’s your onebite quiz. Is it more effective to eat red ginseng before a meal or after a meal First correct answer wins. Before. Before. Me, too. Say after. After. After a meal. Tell me your reasons.

You can absorb more on an empty stomach. That’s what I think. Food could get in the way. Kim Sook. The nutrients in red ginseng are very weak. So you have to eat it on an empty stomach. Minah, before or after Before. Before. Their explanations made sense. Did they Chef Kang The correct answer is before a meal. Why It’s easier to absorb the nutrients. when your stomach is empty. If you just ate and you want to eat red ginseng,.

It’s best if you exercise and empty your stomach first. That way, you benefit the most from eating it. Kim Sook, which dish do you want The salad. The salad. I love that. Eat some ginseng. Is it good Isn’t it cool It tastes of ginseng. Traditional Korean medicine doesn’t taste good. This is tasty medicine. Tasty medicine The tasty kind that you can drink like soda. The fruit has absorbed the ginseng flavor. Chef Kang’s Threeminute Feast. It’s time for Chef Kang’s Threeminute Feast.

What will you make for us today I’ll make you something with ginseng scraps. I will make a nice red ginseng jeonggwa. You need just one ingredient to make this dish. With this, you can reuse the ginseng scraps. It is. What is it It is. What is it Starch syrup Grain syrup It’s honey. Even after they are boiled, leftovers of red ginseng. still retain a lot of nutrients and flavor. Instead of throwing them away, add some honey, and turn it into jeonggwa. You can eat it like jam.

That’s red ginseng Yes, the scraps. You’re adding honey. You boil it Heat up the honey first. Then when it’s hot, add the red ginseng scraps. Use slightly more than the amount of honey. Mix it all up. I wonder how this tastes. Add some nuts. That’s amazing. Guys who can cook are really cool. Aren’t they sexy Minah, once you learn how to make delicious food, your future husband will love you. I want him to cook for me. She’s smart.

She has a point. Right As you mix it up, crush the larger pieces. This is a great idea. We usually throw the scraps away. We do. You can take a bit and eat it with crackers. Think of it as a red ginseng jam. Wouldn’t it taste bitter Not with the honey. I bet it’s bitter. Jeonggwa is usually sweet. It’s like eating a whole root of red ginseng. It’s not too sweet. It’s perfect for a snack. You know yakbap, the traditional rice dessert.

Yes. You can mix it with that. With yakbap That would be delicious. I like this. There is another way to eat this during the summer. Can you bring it in, please There is more What is it now It’s shaved ice. Bingsu. It’s bingsu. My goodness. What is this We eat a lot of bingsu in the summer. Yes. If you have red ginseng jeonggwa, you can add it to any bingsu as a topping. That looks so good. It looks delicious.

I’ll try a mouthful. I bet it tastes amazing. Seriously. It’s the best combination. Right It tastes better than with bread or crackers. We need to have a taste. It’s wonderful. A single woman would appreciate the taste. A bite! Bingsu is the best stressreliever. for any single woman. Women often hang out at bingsu places. It’s worth the try. It’s so good. You could start a business with this. Really This would sell. Seeing four grown men huddle over a bowl of bingsu.

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