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Bumpy Skin On Inner Thighs

Hey there! I’m Rob, and this is my 2 Cents where I give you tips for your life. Now you might think, why should I take advice from this guy Well it just so happens that I have a little show on called On the Cheap Tip where I give you tips for your skin, your hair, and everything in between. Now most of us like to groom ourselves, right And along with grooming sometimes comes shaving, and along with shaving sometimes comes the dreaded razor bumps. Now it doesn’t matter if your going to the beach or just trying.

To get a little action. We want to make sure that the nether region is looking tight. Well guess what I just happen to have a natural solution that you could do right at home that costs under a dollar. So basically the only ingredient that you’re going to need is uncoated Aspirin. I’m talking about the generic brand, not the expensive one. It’s all the same. Now what Aspirin has that makes it so affective is Salicylic Acid. Now Salicylic Acid is able to exfoliate all the dead skin cells to help that trapped hair that’s underneath your skin.

Just come out and bloom like a delicate flower. So what you’re going to do is get about 2 tablets and put it into a small glass. Then you’re going to take a little bit of water and pour it in. Let’s say about, like a table spoon or so. Then you’re going to notice that the Aspirin is going to start to dissolve right away. So then you’re going to help it along by mixing it around a little bit. As soon as it’s all dissolved, you’re going to get a nice little cotton round or cotton, and then dip it into your solution, and then.

DIY Hack How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Treat your razor bumps! Now a lot of guys get razor bumps under their neck. Sometimes we get it down below if we shave on our chest or our belows, but women have a lot of problems in that bikini area. So do we have any takers that you know want to demonstrate this on staff Heather No. Erin Frank, come on now. I know you do some manscaping down there. It’s time to show it off. No Ok well I tried to make this tutorial a little more entertaining. Well that’s it! Make sure that you comment down below, like this tutorial and subscribe.

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