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Bumps On Face Rosacea

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re doing natural face mask for acne which you will absolutely love it works fantastic using completely natural ingredients be sure to click Subscribe to our channel because we’re always giving you the newest and greatest information for your health and for your beauty using natural remedies of course so today we’re talking about acne so tips to improve your acne really and why do you get acne in the first place so this will give you tips on how to get rid of pimples.

Acne maybe its acne rosacea and these are all caused by a lot of things that are going on internally in your body which you may not realize the first and foremost what causes acne well acne is caused by a number of factors which I’ll share with you now number one the diet so as much as you know some doctors will say that the diet has nothing to do with acne it actually does he want to stay away from refined sugars and carbohydrates preservatives in a lot of the junk the fillers that they put in a lot of.

These preserved foods and artificial foods so sometimes you don’t know what they are basically if it looks like a chemical and sounds like a chemical it is a chemical in your body will have difficulty removing that toxins and can be leading to your acne so make sure you eat clean foods get all that junk out of the diet. Hormonal changes can be a causative factors as well mainly testosterone so this is the male hormone that women we have it as well it’s the bad DHT testosterone which causes the acne problem.

Rosacea Natural Home Remedies, Tomato Acne scrub Part 1 How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally.

And there are ways to manage this which are share shortly of the toxicity so unfortunately we’re all exposed to toxins on a daily basis from the air the water the food that we were eating as I mentioned so you want to make sure that your cleaning up your diet and removing as many environmental toxins that are around you as possible this could be cleaning supplies a lot of makeup and beauty products contain a lot of these toxins and essential fatty acid deficiency is also a causative factor for.

Acne see you want to make sure that you’re getting enough of those essential fats in the diet which I’ll share with you in just a moment and poor habits so your hygiene is really important you have to clean your skin appropriately and we’re going to get to that shortly as well in terms of regulating hormones there are also really natural ways of doing this so cleaning up your diet will help with your hormones but also there are specific herbs that help to manage that bad testosterone and your estrogen and progesterone levels so if you take a look at the.

VitaWomen’s and VitaMen’s Formula that we created here at VitaTree these will help you immensely if the hormonal regulation is the problem that you’re dealing with Detoxification is very important as well so getting those toxins out of all the internal organs is really important so I’m gonna show you on the face What your body is telling you in terms of internal toxicity so if you actually get acne on the forehead this is related to your liver and your gallbladder so if you’re getting pimples in this area it’s.

Related to those toxicity issues building up in your liver and gallbladder if you get acne around the cheek area this related to your stomach acne rosacea is very much related to your stomach functioning and toxins in your stomach if you get toxins building up in the intestines especially the colon your colon is actually mapped on this part of your face so you want to make sure that you’re addressing the acne that you’re getting on your chin with colon cleansing and the VitaDetox is our formulation here at VitaTree.

To get all those toxins out in a very gentle and effective way and working on all the organs that once so that the liver cleanse and detox for the lungs the large intestine and the skin the blood getting all those toxins out at once which is so important for your acne The other thing that you really have to do to improve your acne it to take a look at your essential fatty acid so getting enough for the healthy fats in the diet is really important my favorite ones include coconut oil.

Nuts and seeds are fantastic make sure that the raw unroasted nuts and seeds as well as fish oils now fish oil supplements are the best way to go in terms of supplementation you don’t want to be eating a lot of fish because the toxicity related to fish these days so we actually created VitaFish Oil a wonderful fish oil supplement to get you those EFA’s that require to help with that acne it’s really important to cleanse the skin appropriately as well so you know a lot of people have poor hygiene habits you know during the day.

Your hands do you get dirty and maybe if you’re sitting at your desk you may be touching your face you may not realize it it’s really important to cleanse the hands but also cleanse the face appropriately the face mask that will be sharing with you in the acne scrub today that will share with you is fantastic for cleansing and removing any of that bacteria buildup that happens during the day so I hope you’ll join me in part two of this episode where I’m gonna show you exactly how to do our acne.

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