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Bump Under Skin On The Back Of Neck

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has written us that he is suffering from Lipoma asking home remedies for this. See, first of all we should know what is this lipoma Lipoma is nothing its just the growth of the fat cells which got stuck underneath the skin layer its most likely non Cancers , so you need not to bother with this don’t get worried. I often seen that those who suffers from lipoma they rush to get biopsy test done to rule out whether its cancer or nor.

Or is there any major disease is not there Its not like that when the lipoma is at one place is like that means there is no movement in that when you normally feel while touching your muscles same way you feel for lipoma when you touch that this is your normal skin then you need not to worry Doctors will certainly advise you to get surgery done but it is often seen that post surgery when its remove, it left scars secondly its also noticed that fat cells grows again.

So, lipoma get created back again. i will tell you the remedies to cure this, but you have to take care of something as I said that this is growth of fat cell so you shouldn’t eat that type of food with which you body fat increases just like fast food, deep fried food you shouldn’t eat all these at all. don’t consume coffee if you are smoker then quit smiking because with this also, those who suffers from lipoma and they smoke also, so its often notice that due to this problem increases only.

Home Remedies For Lipoma II II

Is you had cyst at one place but within 6 months you will have cyst on multiple areas of your body so, if you can quit smoking then it will be good for you along with don’t consume cold drinks, neither go for sweets nor you go for cold drinks and you should also not use artificial sweeteners as they are also trouble some in this problem Take a leave of aloe vera cut it out from in between when you cut it out, on the side of gel wherever you have lipoma problem, if you have a bigger spot here then.

Then cut out the this much of big leave of aloe vera put that leave over there and bandage that area. do this remedy either before going to bed or in morning when you have time for 23 hours let his bandage remain for that much of time then you will start getting relief in lipoma apart from this eat 2 apricots daily when you wake up in the morning apricots contains omega 3 fatty acids Omega 3 fatty acids works wonders to cure lipoma so, as I said , you don’t need to bother too much as its normally non Cancers.

But yes, if it turns painful or it start getting increasing in size or its stinking it become like wound or getting swollen then this is something to worry about, for that I will tell you a remedy for that what you have to do is, take 1 onion take 4 cloves of garlic 1 small piece of ginger put them all into a grinder and grind them make a fine paste now either you take out this paste into muslin cloth or into a strainer strain it well take out its juice.

You will most likely get 12 cut of juice you have to add 112 cup of water in it and after adding water you have to squeeze a lemon into it after squeezing lemon you will get almost 112 cup of juice ready with you you have to consume this juice sip by sip post lunch dinner you make sure you have to drink it very slowly like sip by sip you must consume this juice in 810 minutes almost and you have to consume this post having your meal only.

If you will try to consume in one go, then it may possible for you to have vomiting so, do this remedy if you have painful lipoma or if you feel like that something is happening wrong, then use this remedy some people complains that lipoma looks ugly so for those, what you have to do, take turmeric powder take 1 spoon of turmeric powder add lime stone Chuna you will easily get lime stone at betel leaf shops so add some lime stone hot water along with absolutely boiling water.

And after adding this mix it well we have to add some more water and this paste mix it well you have to apply this paste on your affected areas hot, not burning , as much as you can tolerate you have to apply on your skin post application you may feel some stretching where you have lipoms, there you will feel like your pain is getting pulled away so you will feel like this, if you will regularly do this remedy for 21 days then you will notice that cyst of lipoma will slowlyslowly start getting dissolved.

Those who have highly sensitive skin, then don’t do this remedy but even if you want to do then the paste , take on your finger tip and apply let it applied overnight wash it off next morning look into that you are not having any skin problem, and if there is no problem then the can do this remedy and slowly they will notice that you will start getting relief in lipoma. Along with this doing one thing is most important if you want to get rid of lipoma.

That is pranayam doing pranayam is necessary, do bhrastika pranayam in morning when you wake up and do kapal bhati pranayam for 810 minutes kapal bhati pranayam is simple you have to exhale your breath, how let me do it show it to you when you exhale then your stomach will go inside, do this for 10 minute and for 10 minutes only you have to do Anulomvilom Previously i have to told you how to do Anulomvilom pranayam close your right nostril with your thumb inhale from your left nostril.

Then exhale from opposite side, then again inhale from another side exhale from other side do this regularly for 10 minutes you will notice that with in few days you will be healthy out of lipoma problem one more remedy you can do, before going to bed take 1 spoon of ashwagandha powder this also helps to fight our in lipoma along with this , in morning empty stomach you must consume aloe vera gooseberry juice and you will notice that the problem of lipoma will be disappear completely.

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