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How to get dewy and glowy skin with makeup Wengie

Welcome to he Wonderful World of Wengie Hi everyone, this is Wengie Hi everyone, this is Wengie Today I am going to a tutorial on how to achieve a glowy skin look I am going to be using a glowy base, highlighting techniques and a really good bb cream to create this look In Korea right now the glowy look is much more popular than matte skin makeup look Simply because it makes your look younger, vibrant, more glowy and healthy I learned how to achieve this look by watching lots of Korean and makeup tutorials.

Glowy skin is very natural and makes you look like a have a glowy complexion naturally The first step and the most important part of this look is to apply a glowy base. I am using Holika Holika’s miracle skinfinish as my base It has pearlised and reflecting particles that looks great under BB cream I am dabbing the product on my face and neck and using a large fluffy brush to buff out a thin layer on my skin Don’t apply too much or you might look like your face is oily.

You can also try mixing a bit of highlighter with your normal base product to create your own glowy skin base After I have applied a thin layer of product all over my face and neck I will go back and apply another layer on the parts of my face that I want to stand out to create a more 3D effect I am concentrating on my forehead, bridge of my nose, under my eyes and top of my cheeks to create cheekbones and also a little bit on my chin.

After this blend it out using your brush and blend it well Step 2 Apply your BB cream or foundation Squeeze out a teardrop size of product onto your hand Right now I am using the skin79 Hit pink BB cream I am using a large stippling brush to pick up the product from the back of my hand and then apply to my face in circular motions Circular motions help the product blend well into your skin Using this technique makes a more even finish and applies just the right amount of product.

Sometimes when I use my hands I find that I smear away a base product Because the BB cream is actually quite thick Using your fingers may be OK if the consistency of your foundation is quite light and blendable. Step 3 Conceal Use your favorite concealer and conceal the parts of your face which are still problematic For me, I like to apply extra concealor under my eyes and on the sides of my nose. I find that I get the most shadows in these areas of my face. So I like to build up the product to create a more even complexion.

If your problem areas aren’t that bad, you can always use your foundation or BB cream and just use your fingers to add another layer on top. Step 4 Highlight to bring out your features I am using a Mac glimmer shimme in XXXX and this is a pearl golden beige color Pump a small amount of product onto the back of your hand and use your finger to blend it out onto the back of your hand so you pick up only a thin layer of product This makes sure that you don’t apply too much product and you warm it up a bit so it blends better onto your face.

Apply the highlighter to your forehead, the bridge of your nose, top of your cheeks and on your chin Highlighting the tops of your cheeks will help you create the look of full and high cheekbones which gives you a healthier and moisturizer look If you have any features that are already quite prominent you may choose to skip the highlighting or apply a very small thinner layer highlighting product For day time you may want lightly apply this highlighting product And for night time you may want to go heavily apply this highlighting product.

Step 5. Powder Now that you have so much liquid product on your face, you will need to set it with some powder I am using Etude House’s face powder But you can use baby powder or translucent powder and lightly dust a layer over your face This will help the makeup last longer and also if you feel that your skin is now looking too glowy, you can tone it down with your face powder until you are happy with it Don’t forget to remove the excess powder from your brush before applying it on your face or you’ll get splotches of dry powder which doesn’t look good.

Always dust lightly and build up if necessary Step 6 Blush it up I am using a cool pink blush of Holika Holika. Take a cheek plus and apply it to the top of your cheeks when you smile and blend it to the back towards the top of your ears Apply each layer lightly and build up until you are happy with it. I had to put on about 3 layers because the lighting washed me out Usually a 12 layer gives you a healthy glow Step 7 Make your lips kissable.

I used my Korean style lip tinting technique to apply my lipstick This adds just a little bit of color to your lips but not enough to make it look like you are wearing a lot of lip product Please check out my lip tutorial if you want more details on how to apply lipstick to achieve this natural look And now we’re done!! Here is the finished look This is the end of this week ‘The wonderful world of Wengie’ Next week I will teach you how to create a really cute eye by using Korean style eyeliner techniques.

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