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Atopic Dermatitis Herbal Treatment

Korean researchers develop therapy for atopic dermatitis .

Theres a common skin disease known as atopic dermatitis. that makes your skin very dry and itchy all the time. and often leads to infections. Fortunately a Korean research team has developed an effective solution for this very unpleasant problem. Won Jihyun reports. Atopic dermatitis or AD is one of the most common chronic skin diseases out there. for both children and adults. People who have it. may have a history of allergic diseases. and they get dry itchy skin thats also often red and swollen. It can be extremely unpleasant. so much so for one patient that he hasnt been able.

To sleep comfortably for 16 years. Not being able to sleep is the most painful part. Theres also pus that oozes out of the rash on my skin. And it sticks to my clothes after I get dressed which is very inconvenient. But relief is on the way. Korean researchers have found a way to treat AD using a patients own blood. through whats called autologous immunoglobulin therapy. The team. led by Dr. Nahm Dongho of Ajou University Hospital. conducted a clinical trial on patients with severe cases of AD. The team gave the patients repeated intramuscular.

Injections of a purified solution of their own plasma. In just eight weeks the protein concentration in the plasma had stimulated the patients immune systems resulting in a clinical improvement of more than 30 percent. Immunoglobulin treatments are common in the scientific world. But the key part of our research is how we purify the plasma. We prepare the immunoglobulin solution in a completely sterile environment. The treatment has attracted attention for its efficacy and scientists say there are almost no side effects as the method uses the patients own blood. Won Jihyun Arirang News.

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