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Aloe Vera For Acne And Pimples

Best Face Wash for Acne Michael Todd USA Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

Michael Todd True Organics theme song This is a scrub and it has charcoal in it so it is black, almost. And it is a very interesting product that is definitely a lot more gentle than my St. Ives facial scrub. It’s very fragile on the face, even though it’s a facial scrub, it’s not anything that will be harsh and damaging to the skin. So, absolutely love it. It really exfoliates and you get that deep charcoaly color, but it kind of fades a little. And then you wash it off it washes off really nicely.

Before I put on my makeup and then sometimes I’ll use it right after I take off my makeup at night before using my regular makeup remover. Because this is not a makeup remover, so when I exfoliate I use this and absolutely love it. It’s not strong either. That’s the other thing. Sometimes my skin is so sensitive that it will turn read from exfoliating. But this one is like not so strong that it’s like burning my face off. I am so in love with brand. The jojoba in here is the moisturizing ingredient.

And the charcoal is really good for your skin because it helps to pull out any toxins and impurities. I just find my face looks super super refreshed and clean after I use this. It’s a charcoal facial scrub and I really like it. I don’t know why, but part of the fun part for me is..my make up and then sometimes..also found Michael Todd True Organics..it removes impurities..charcoal is really good for your skin because it helps to pull out any toxins..so, I definitely going to purchase the full size one so I can.

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