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How to Identify Skin Cancer Signs of Skin Cancer

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village today, Im going to talk to you about signs of skin cancer. Now, before I start I want to introduce myself. I am a clinical research physician in the area of oncology, which is cancer and also a scientist in stem cell research. I’ve trained at the National Cancer Institute and also at the UCLA school of Medicine. Now, in this series of clips, I am going to talk to you about how you can recognize skin cancer, ways to prevent it and reduce your risk of getting.

Skin cancer. And also, I am going to talk to you about if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, the different types of diagnosis and also treatment options. So, here in this clip, we’re going to look at, first of all what is the skin made of and its anatomy. Now, if you look at this diagram here, we can see here, the diagrammatic picture of a skin. And you can see the different layers of the skin. This is the surface of the skin or the Epidermis, the most upper part of the skin. Here, you can see the hair follicles.

And the hair on, the protruding out of the surface of the skin and that should get low, deeper into the skin layer. You’re going to go into the dermis layer. And this layer is the cutaneous fat layer. So, here is the little square here that means that this part is enlarged. So, lets look at the enlargement of that section of the epidermis where skin cancer is found and occur. Now, there are three different types of skin cancer that are most commonly found. Squamous cells, Basal Cells and Melanomas. We’ll talk about that, these particular cancers.

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