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Actinic Keratosis Blue Light Treatment

Laureen Q36 Is Photodynamic Therapy considered a diagnostic or more like a procedure, surgery A It’s more like a procedure. The way it works is the patient takes a drug that is attracted to tumors or whatever they are after, and it lights up and they’re able to go and zap them because of the drug that you took. But we can get up more, but another key is the word therapy, so that’s indicator of a treatment than a diagnostic. And again Google, Google’s your friend. Watch, I’m just going to take this, I have no idea what it’s going.

To show me. You can start looking up things and learn all about it. Wikipedia even has something on it. Now, let’s say you want to learn more about coding it. You can leave that as your search term space site colon, and let see if we’ve ever talked about it, codingcertification. Alicia No not yet. Laureen Not yet, as you can see. They haven’t either. No, one, here we go. So, here’s one, it takes you right to Alicia It’s been on the forum. Laureen Another tip, guys, when you’re doing this, check the dates when the question was.

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