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Acne Under Skin Home Remedies

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and I’m so pleased to have my daughter here Alayah with me today she’s gonna be helping me were doing some natural home remedies for your beauty routine these are the best wrinkle fighters helps with acne as well we’re using some great natural ingredients which you probably already have in your kitchen so say hi Alayah I’m so glad that she’s here so here we go well what we do today is using some lemon and a egg white and were gonna mix that up and were also using our special ingredient this.

Is our VitaTree Hair, Skin and Nails Formula mixing this up and painting on our face and this is a great natural home remedy it is a face mask It helps with wrinkles helps with decreasing pore size also helps with eye puffiness and acne and you know young girls and boys as well but I see this mostly in the girls in my practice as a naturopathic doctor most girls you know they get really low on themselves because their selfesteem when they start to get that acne now Alayah of course she has perfect skin so she.

Doesn’t need to worry about that yet but we always want to do things naturally in our home and this is a great way for you to do this with your children so let’s get started are you ready Yes okay perfect so what we’re gonna do first is were going to separate are eggs so Alayah do you think you can handle this yes have you separated an egg before No. okay well you can try let’s crack the egg get that started and I can help you at the end if.

How to Get Glowing Skin Home Remedies For Wrinkles and Acne Beauty Tips Episode 156

You need it. So whack that a little bit harder a little bit ohh perfect so what we’re gonna do is allow the egg white to go in here and this is separating now the white and the yolk so if you have trouble doing it yourself if you know the younger kids are watching then have mom or dad help you with this and thats are egg white and were gonna put our yolk in here. So we can save yolk for our scrambled eggs later okay we love our scrambled eggs, right Yes!.

OK, awesome. And what we’re gonna do now is were gonna cut up our lemons So do you want to cut this or do you want me to do this. OK perfect. We’ll take a little slice of lemon and we’re gonna squeeeeze that I’m just gonna use my hands into our egg white. Ok, perfect. Now we’re gonna steer this up now, so do you want to steering that, Here you go. So you can get it going really quick Lets do it a little more, I’m actually going to pick it up a little bit gonna pick it up a little bit.

Of air in there can you see what’s happening what’s happening Its getting bubbly. See how its turning a little bit more white. It just because I got the air in there do you wanna try a little bit Sure. Just hold it to the side a little bit and just go reallt on the side a little bit nervous fast. There you go. It’s OK if it spills a little bit no problem Awesome so just a little bit more okay so that’s just about the right consistency so lets see is that cool Yeah. Awesome. Alright so now were going to add our secret ingredient.

And this is, should I tell them what it is Alayah It’s the VitaTree Hair, Skin and Nails Formula and we mix that in so you want to mix mix mix. Prefect. And this helps that’s perfect helps with building collagen levels and helps with elastin and collagen fibers. I’ll mix that with the brush and were using just our regular makeup brush this is a foundation brush and you want to paint this on my face Sure. It’s a great natural way to get those effects from the egg the lemon juice and that secret ingredient the Hair Skin and.

Nails Formula of course you do take in internally to help with your collagen elastin fibers helping to build and feed the nutrients into your skin your hair and your nails but we’re using it topically in our face mask to really boost and enhance those effects they’re getting it from both sides from within and on me outside as well in our natural face mask which is fantastic. Ohh it feels so good, smells so good. Can you paint my face yeah absolutely let’s put this on your face to do which is so great I mean it’s.

Great for kids and again we love to do natural things in our house for a beauty because I don’t wanna be using any chemicals chemicals are toxic need to be detoxified we have other tutorials here on the right to life show although toxicity how that affects your health causes most have this long term serious diseases so be sure at the end of the vido sure own picture at the end of the tutorial I’m gonna be sharing with you some links to our other tutorials all about detoxification and getting.

All those toxins out. Do that feel greatI feel great yes his from kids American awaits a few minutes and we can let that dry on our face because when it dries we can actually fan ourselves I’ll fan you, you’ll fan me When it dries, its gonna feel like at the cracking on your face so try not to smile too much when it dries we can then peel it off and if it’s not peeling off for you depending on how much lemon juice you use if it’s not peeling off then what you can do is actually just use some warm water.

And a face cloth to take it off of your face Now when that its dry. Doesn’t it feel really cool when you move your face around it feels so tight so what we’re gonna do if your mask won’t peel off on its own you can try a little bit on the edge but if it won’t peel off on its own depending on how thick that you have the egg white on your skin you can use a little bit of warm water and face cloth a towel and you can wipe it off so that’s what we’re gonna do.

So I’m just going to dip my towel in like this and I can help you with yours do you want me to get yours nice and wet too Actually can take that one and just start to wipe your face. Nice warm water feels great. Feels so good your skin will be glowing you’ll feel absolutely fantastic so thank you for joining me today! Thanks Alayah! High Five! That was awesome and thanks for joining us and I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial please leave your comments below be sure.

To Subscribe to our channel so click right here help me Alayah. Alright. Make sure that you Subscribe to our channel so that you get our newest and latest uploads here on YouTube make sure you leave your comments below as well. That would be great because we always get back to you have questions or comments and let me know how it goes when you see the facial mask remember that you’re always using you know natural ingredients these are home remedies great antiaging facial for your skin and natural antiaging supplements that.

Course our secret ingredient that we’ve added in go to vitatree from more information on the Hair Skin and Nails Formula and are other great tutorials here on YouTube. Be sure to check out our tutorial all about detoxification why it’s so important to do regular detoxes for your body internally to get all those toxins out of your system also watch about antiaging mineral magnesium this is one of the best thing that you can do in terms of your antiaging routine as well and check out this one this one is all about some of the things that you really need.

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