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Acne And Pimple Removal Device

Best Non Prescription Acne Treatment Michael Todd USA Clear BiLight Reviews

My favorite skin care item I have ever tried. Kind of fallen in love with lately and this is the Michael Todd Clear BiLight light thingy. I was just a skeptic for a really long time. I was all like, thinking like how can a light possibly help my skin condition What this does is this is like light therapy. I deal with very stubborn resilient painful hormonal breakouts. This was the second time that it happened. But right after I got my face threaded my entire forehead just broke out and it was just a bunch of red pimples everywhere.

Until I tried this. I turned it on and it was like a blue light. It only turns on when you touch it to your skin. And once you hold it down it will stay on for 3 minutes and then turn off. What you do is you use the blue light first and that helps to kill bacteria that cause acne. And then after you do that you use the red light. Um, which helps to like stimulate I guess collagen production, which helps with like the elasticity in your skin and anti.

Aging I guess and all that jazz. And it totally worked you guys. And like two days after doing that my skin was like, my pimples shrank and it was completely gone and I was just amazed. This light has stopped all five of my potential breakouts in the last three days. I have fallen in love with this thing. I’ve been using it for, honestly not that long and I’ve already noticed a difference. Maybe like a week and a half, two weeks. And I’m liking it. I like that the Michael Todd BiLight is completely safe for my pregnancy cause I don’t want anything.

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